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Thank you for considering a donation to Four Winds to help us build connection with community and transform lives through music.

Four Winds builds a lifelong love of music. We connect culturally, collaboratively, creatively and through conversation. Via our connections with artists, First Nations communities, students, audiences and partners, we create a rich music experience for all. 


A Four Winds artist’s residency is unique.

It’s an opportunity for musicians to explore, learn and grow, in a supportive environment that makes them feel valued. Giving them the opportunity to work intensively, but without pressure.

For both emerging artists and internationally renowned ensembles, residencies can be a liberating and transformative artistic experience.

Our stunning creative home at Barragga Bay, set in 25 acres of tranquil coastal bushland, is a powerful draw for artists. A magical place, where creative talent is set up to thrive.

A place where artists can develop their craft and their professional identities far from the demands of daily life. Where they have the time and space to practise, to compose, to rehearse, to explore repertoire, to network, to collaborate and to record.

A passion for community.

Our Four Winds residency program allows us to build and enrich our community through dynamic art and ideas.

We encourage residents to forge partnerships and engage with our community. We promote events that introduce the community to our residents, encouraging interaction with the creative process and fostering the creation and exchange of ideas through open rehearsals, performances, talks, collaborative community art projects and school visits.

An optimistic creative future.

Our residencies also contribute to the development of the musical landscape in Australia. With your support we can deliver on our long term commitment to investing in the creative future of artists, our region and the country.

It’s amazing what we can achieve when we collaborate!

But our residencies can only happen with the collaboration and support of individuals like you.

Here are four exciting residencies that we’re planning to host in 2023. With your help, we can make them happen:

  • STRATUM: A creative development residency with Yuin composer and performer (TBA), local musicians and community members. This project will explore community narratives through music by engaging with a range of ‘knowledge sharers’ including First Nations people, dairy farmer settlers, fire-fighters, scientists and fishermen.
  • ERKKI VELTHEIM and SABINA MASELLI: During their residency at Four Winds, they began work on a new audiovisual project that aims to create an intimate experience of the natural world. They recorded local animals, especially the microbats and frogs that have made Four Winds their home, and experimented with techniques such as processing 16mm analogue film with natural materials like seaweed. They also met up with people involved in environmental and ecological projects, such as Annette and Dean Turner from The Crossing Land, Paul Payton, Danie Ondinea and Karen, who generously shared their knowledge and insights about local issues to do with the natural world. Erkki and Sabina will return later in 2023 to complete the development.
  • HEAR IT PLAY IT: A commissioning program led by Ensemble Q, aimed at creating a musical journey for young musicians of all abilities and providing them with the opportunity to participate as listeners or instrumentalists.
  • TAKE NOTE: A professional skills development residency led by an artist selected by the Melbourne International Jazz Festival (MIJF). This program will address gender inequality in jazz and support the release of newly commissioned material for use by high school big bands and jazz ensembles.

Please help by donating a ‘residency day’ to our program. Our target is 100 days.

Each ‘residency day’ is valued at $500, and provides:

  • Rehearsal & performance spaces
  • Production facilities
  • Marketing, administrative & technical support
  • Accommodation
  • Travel & modest living expenses
  • Artist’s fee

The payment of an artist’s fee means that residents can focus entirely on their work during the residency, without the worry of having to bring in an income from, say, teaching or performing.

There are many creative ways for you to donate, for example:

  • Support one residency day, for $500
  • Or, maybe one residency week. Or an entire ensemble!
  • ‘Collaborate to donate’ — why not get together with friends to support one or more residency days?
  • We can also explore matching you with an artist or ensemble

All donations are tax-deductible over $2. Whether large or small, we deeply appreciate any support you are able to give and we thank you in advance.

A donation in support of the Four Winds Artist in Residence Program is a long-lasting investment in the creative future of Australia.

If you would like to discuss our 2023 residency program, please contact us at or (02) 6493 3366.

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