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We at Four Winds believe music enriches lives, and our ambition is to transform and empower all people through music. Our Create and Inspire program strives to provide the young people of our region with access to quality music tuition and performance regardless of economic barriers.

The Create and Inspire Program

We believe children grow through music education – musically yes, but also socially, emotionally and intellectually. We believe it helps children to develop responsibility, self-esteem and a sense of purpose.

Create and Inspire encourages children into imaginative places by exposing them to a broad range of art forms and collaborations. The program encourages reflection on their encounters, and supports them in finding their own expression, thereby creating a powerful artistic experience.

Underpinning it all is the notion of participation, performance, experience, reflection and artistic creation.

our commitment

Four Winds is committed to becoming a world-leader in arts creation & education, and to making a creative contribution to society.

We are also committed to the people of NSW’s Far South Coast and recognise our role in encouraging, educating and inspiring the next generation through music. We invest in our young people.

Research points to the cognitive improvements associated with children learning music, yet the availability of such life-changing programs in schools in our region is variable. Some public primary schools have limited or no access to quality music education programs, and we want to address this inequity.

We aim to deliver access to high-quality music education through:

  • our Artists-in-Schools program;
  • the National Music Teacher Mentoring Program (NMTM);
  • the Spring Youth Music Festival;
  • an annual calendar of events taking place at Nature’s Concert Hall and in schools.

our ambition

Our ambition is to further expand our successful and well received Artists-in-Schools program in two ways:

  • To extend the program to the whole school year, rather than the two terms we are currently able to fund and,
  • To expand the program into the pre-schools that feed our primary partner schools.

While the Four Winds music education programs may well produce some musical stars of the future, our greatest success might be the young people who don’t pursue music as a career, but whose lives have been enriched and inspired as a result of our work.

For this program to flourish we need your help.

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