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Four Winds is more than an exquisite musical experience.  Four Winds is a world class performance space nestling in 25 acres of pristine coastal bushland, Nature’s Concert Hall.

Nature’s Concert Hall consists of two stunning structures – an open-air natural amphitheatre, the Sound Shell, and our indoor recital hall, the Windsong Pavilion.

Conceived by renowned architect Philip Cox, the Sound Shell is a state-of-the-art performance space, a natural sloping amphitheatre providing fantastic sight-lines to the stage. The grassed tiers drop gently down to a stage adorned with floating white sails and framed by a still lake, which reflects the changing coastal skies, and is home to our choir of resident frogs.

With a seating capacity of 2000 and fabulous sound and visual qualities, the Sound Shell is a unique and stunning centrepiece for our Festival performances and other events.

The site at Barragga Bay is  an important and inspirational creative resource for the local community and the wider region, where world-class cultural events take place against a backdrop of the extraordinarily beautiful environment of the Far South Coast.

Nature’s Concert Hall provides audiences with a unique opportunity to experience excellent live music whilst immersed in nature.

“Windsong is a marvel of a room. Sitting lightly on Yuin Country, it breathes with the elements, birdsong filters in, and the view unfolds onto eucalyptus maculata and the frog-rich billabong. It’s a place of listening and dreaming, and Neilma Gantner’s spirit is never far away. “

Genevieve Lacey

Former Artistic Director at Four Winds

Overlooking the amphitheatre from on high is the Windsong Pavilion – an intimate in-door performance space that complements the Sound Shell and blends into the environment.

Designed by Australian architect Clinton Murray, The Windsong Pavilion is the only purpose built, indoor recital hall in southeast NSW. With state-of-the-art acoustics and stunning floor to ceiling views over the bush site, the Pavilion can be opened entirely to the outside and has hosted many wonderful performances from some of our finest musicians. It is also an important space for young people and our community to experience and make music together.

The Windsong Pavilion is clad with silver top ash with both the cladding and exterior poles left untreated so they weather and blend in with the picturesque forest surrounds at the Barragga Bay site. The walls and the acoustic panels are yellow stringy bark, the panels floating above the audience, creating a pristine acoustic.

Clinton Murray was inspired by the ideas of important Australian architect Robin Boyd and was thrilled “to be able to reference Robin in a public building in a part of the world I love, and for people with the most honourable of intentions.”

The acoustics, scale and materials of this hall were seriously considered without compromising the experience or the setting. The Pavilion sits well with the Sound Shell, The Windsong Pavilion’s state-of-the art technical infrastructure was designed and installed by Sydney’s The P.A. People, and houses an exceptional hand-made Shigeru Kawai Concert Grant piano.

Environment & Sustainability

We care deeply about our site and have, with the guidance of botanists and local Indigenous knowledge, commenced a program of re-establishing native flora species throughout the site.

Over 2000 trees have been planted to date and a bespoke timber bridge has allowed access to more of the site than ever before.

The site is home to a significant solar array which provides us with electricity as well as feeding power into the grid. We have a hidden irrigation system on site which draws and returns water to and from our dam. Four Winds has a natural filtration sewage system on-site which ultimately delivers clean waste-water into the dam.

How we care

Read about the myriad of sustainability measures we passionately embrace.

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