Four Winds held its first concert on 7 April 1991, in the very same landscape that would later be expanded and developed to its renowned current day facilities called Nature’s Concert Hall.

Over the next 25 years, this initial event, which originally drew an audience of 200 people, grew in scope and scale, attracting thousands of music lovers to its biennial Four Winds Easter Festival.

The organisation is renowned for presenting world-class performances from leading national and international musicians in its unique natural setting, set on 30 acres of open bushland, on New South Wales’ stunning south coast.

Since its inception, the Four Winds Board had a clear vision to move beyond the presentation of a biennial Festival, to incorporate ongoing community engagement, natural conservation, and partnerships with the local Yuin Aboriginal community.

In 2014, with the help of architects Phillip Cox and Clinton Murray, the Four Winds site was transformed into the Nature’s Concert Hall, home to two exceptional purpose-built performance spaces, the 2,000-person capacity outdoor Sound Shell; and the 200-seat Windsong Pavilion.

These permanent facilities have enabled Four Winds to expand to a year-round program comprising concerts and performances, community events, artist residencies, music and environmental education programs including mentorships and live streaming programs, as well as the development of a significant Native Species Arboretum, in conjunction with Landcare Australia.

The Windsong Pavilion is also available as a world-class recording studio.

In October 2016, Four Winds appointed James Crabb in the role of Artistic Director, to lead the next phase of its creative development.