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The future is looking bright: Four Winds moves into a New Era

A message from Executive Director Leigh Small

Four Winds (FW) announces 2024 Artistic Leadership Team, and a year of review, recalibration, and renewal.

Four Winds’ home on the Far South Coast of NSW provides an exquisite and unique experience of music in nature. It is also a location and community that has weathered devastating fires and floods amidst the challenges of COVID.To create a sustainable, evolving and relevant vision for the future, Four Winds has decided to pause the 2024 Easter Festival and instead present a varied program of concerts and events over the year, including a curated collection of smaller scale performances at Easter.

Four Winds First Nations Director, Cheryl Davison, Create and Inspire Director, David Hewitt, will be joined by Lindy Hume AM PhD (Artistic Director FW Festivals ‘21, ‘22) and Timothy Walker AM CBE as the Artistic Leadership Team to curate the 2024 program.

In addition to the Easter program, there will be a Spring Youth Music Festival, a First Nations program; and partnerships with Musica Viva, Music in the Regions, Cobargo Folk Festival, and Wanderer Festival.

2024 will be the time for Four Winds to review and renew its vision for the next five to ten years. This is an exciting moment to engage with Four Winds community which includes 30 years of musical alumni, partners and importantly our local diverse audience and artists.

Later this month FW is hosting the Annual Spring Youth Music Festival titled ‘Bunaan Garindja’, Dog Trumpet – a Murrah Hall collaboration, and a second residency week for Affinity Quartet. In addition, in early December we welcome back Erkki Veltheim and Sabina Maselli to continue their sound investigation work.

Warmest Regards, Leigh

“It was a very special experience for me, to have the privilege of playing for a different audience, attentive and colourful, sitting on grass steps… looking for real music experiences and not attending the exhausted ritual of a ‘normal concert’. An audience ready to react to the most important of the messages, how music talks to souls and bodies with no borders, no class, no race, no age, nothing… just music and living beings,”

Paulo Pandolfo, Acclaimed viola-de-gamba player

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