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If you were at our 2019 Easter Festival you may have read all about the Four Winds Create and Inspire program in the donor tent.

We are really keen that our whole community knows about the positive impact our Create and Inspire program is having on the lives of young people.

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing this story with you.

If you already share your passion for music by supporting our Create and Inspire program, thank you. We hope you enjoy reading about the impact your donation is having and why our work in this area is so essential.

If you are not already a donor please consider a tax deductible donation which will bring the joy of live music and music making to young people; it’s another way in which we can all share our passion for music.

Here is our first installment – Unlock Potential Through Music…

Unlock potential through music

create and inspireour music education program

…Our ambition is to transform and empower lives through music. We all know how music can change lives and our music education program has been designed to do just that. The Four Winds ‘Create and Inspire’ program encourages diversity in all its forms, empowers young people to think creatively and creates a powerful sense of belonging.

Our Commitment

Four Winds has an impressive history in delivering the very best in musical experiences in one of the most special coastal communities in Australia. We are committed to excellence, to becoming a world-leading arts making & learning place, and to making a creative contribution to an equitable community and society.

We are committed to the people of the NSW Far South Coast and recognise our role in encouraging, educating and inspiring the next generation through music.

Four Winds delivers access to the benefits of high-quality music education through its Artist-in-Schools program, the National Music Teacher Mentoring Program, the Youth Music Festival and through an annual calendar of events that take place at Nature’s Concert Hall. Underpinning it all is the notion of participation, performance, experience, reflection and artistic creation.

We invest in our young people

Four Winds believes that music is part of a well-rounded education and that our young people deserve the opportunity to make music part of their school day. That’s why we are working to bring music to our local classrooms.

Research points to the cognitive improvements associated with children learning music yet the availability of such life-changing music education programs in our schools on the Far South Coast of NSW is variable, with some public primary schools having limited or no access to music education programs. We want to address the inequity in the availability of quality music education for students in Australia. We don’t want our regional schools to miss out.

At Four Winds we believe that, through music education, children grow – not just musically but also socially, emotionally and intellectually and that it helps them to develop responsibility, self-esteem and purpose.

So Four Winds has launched a number of music education initiatives to support schools in our area and create opportunities for students to access music as a regular part of their school life, regardless of economic barriers.

What started out as a vision has now grown into a reality as we help our local students to realise their full potential through the power of making music. In time we want to enable every pre and primary school within our region to access music education.

While the Four Winds music education programs may well produce some musical stars of the future our greatest success might just be all those young people who don’t pursue music as a career but whose lives have been enriched by music as a result of our work. What we do matters!

You can make a Difference

‘Transforming this community through music… is one of the driving forces of Four Winds.’David Hewitt, composer, educator and Artistic Director Stonewave Taiko
‘The projects that our school has participated in with Four Winds, have greatly enriched the learning and lives of our students.’Leah Martin, Principal, Pambula Primary School
‘Music matters to enrich life’Sheena Boughen, Four Winds Lifetime Ambassador

Please click here to make your tax deductable donation and to share your passion for music with a young person – thank you