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Music: Share your passion


Share your passion, Together, the Four Winds Community is enabling a transformative change in music activities for young people. Our aim is for that to continue long into the future.  We are already bringing musical activities to over 1,000 local children, including in Bermagui, Narooma, Tilba, Tanja and Tathra Primary schools.

Our Artists in Schools Program adds incredible value to the curriculum because many young people simply don’t have regular access to music activities. Our investment makes sure that every young person can share in the joy of music.

Singing and Percussion

We’ve created a program that is open to all young people in school, regardless of age or ability

We are building our program for young people on singing and percussion, the two core elements of music making and self-expression. They open the door to a lifelong passion for music, as a performer, creator or simply a lover of music. Our program is delivered in schools, by professional musicians and is additional to any music activities the schools may have.

“I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning.” – Plato

Make a huge impact

Each year we fundraise to deliver our program for young people; we appreciate every donation we receive.

Please consider a recurring donation to Four Winds. This will give us the certainty that we need to be able to deliver an on-going program of music activities for young people. through which they can grow into their creative future.

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Encouraging a love for live music
Young people are the future of creativity; with your help we will ignite a life long love for live music. Read more

Bringing more music into our schools
With your donation we will deliver a program of on-going, high quality live music experiences for pre-and primary school children. Read more

Investing together in the future of music
Your investment will make a significant difference to the opportunities for young people to take part in musical activities and will ignite a life-long passion for sharing in the joy of music. Read more

Four Winds uses music as a powerful force to fire the imagination, to foster creative vision and talent, to enrich lives, create communities and encourage active participation in music.

Music is at the heart of Four Winds – but sharing music and nurturing creativity is what we do. With your support we are no longer just an iconic Easter Festival – we are delivering a high impact program of work all year round. Please have a look on the Four Winds website for case-studies to see how donations to Four Winds have positively impacted the lives of artists, audiences and participants – particularly young people.

Four Winds sustained, year-round program of work injects a truly remarkable level of ambition and quality to the musical life of the South Coast, most importantly for young people in our local schools. Without Four Winds, and the support of our community, opportunities for our young people to experience great quality live music in and out of school.

The reason we do this is simple; the power of music can positively impact all our lives in remarkable and unexpected ways. We have seen this first hand so are focusing our fundraising on our education program in order that together we can foster a life-long passion and love for live music among our young people – they are after-all, the future of creativity. The impact of this investment will reach far beyond our region and community long into the future.