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With the support of our donors Four Winds continues to enrich the lives of artists, audiences and participants, allowing us all to share in the joy of music.

The opportunities Four Winds is able to deliver with your support include: commissioning new works from Australian composers, offering creative residencies to artists to help them further develop their practice, and igniting a life-long passion for music among our young people, both in and out of school.

Without your support we would not be able to deliver our program in its entirety, nor see the positive impact it brings to the lives of so many around our region.

Your donation – of any amount over $2 – is tax deductable. Donations to Four Winds of any amount is extremely welcome, no matter how small, and all combines to make a lasting, positive influence on our musical lives.

We will:

Acknowledge your donation on the website and in our printed programs

Invite you to donor events throughout the year

Please donate by completing the form – and we thank you.

Donors Breakfast – 2022 Four Winds Festival – Image Pia Johnson

Other ways to become more closely involved with Four Winds:


All kinds of people commission all kinds of works for all kinds of reasons! They may have a composer or musician they’d like to commission a work from or for, they might have cause for celebration and wish to mark it with a commissioned piece, or they may wish to commission a work in memory of someone. Commissioning is a great way to connect with musicians and composers and can be anything from a short song for a community choir, a chamber music work for a specific group or a major orchestral piece.

If you would like to partner Four Winds in commissioning a new work please call 02 6493 3366 or email

Ambassadors Circle – Donations of $10,000 and above

Donating a sum equal to or greater than $10,000 ensures you a place in the Four Winds Ambassadors Circle. This is acknowledgement that you are making a significant commitment to our shared vision: To use music as a powerful force, to fire the imagination, foster creative vision and talent, enrich lives and encourage active participation.

At this level of support, you will enjoy ultimate access to Four Winds and as our way of saying thank you for becoming a member of the Ambassadors Circle, you will be invited to join us at the following:

  • An exclusive annual social event hosted by the Chair of Four Winds with members of the Board and Team
  • An Insider Event – a staff and Board briefing by the Artistic Director
  • An invitation to the Convivium as an observer. The Convivium is an occasional event hosted by Four Winds in order to harness contributions from influential thinkers and leaders, for the benefit and development of the organisation
  • Also events mentioned for the Donors and Artistic Director’s Circles

For other ways to Support Four Winds, through commissioning works, as a volunteer, or if you would like to consider a bequest to Four Winds please contact 02 6493 3366 or email


Bequests have the power to create a true legacy. Such generosity is vital and ensures Four Winds can bring the joy of music to the lives of future generations, and sustain the musical life of Australia.

To discuss how you can bequeath please email

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