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Cancellations, Film Awards and Language

Windsong 3

After the third week of lockdown for regional NSW (and many more weeks for the Greater Sydney area), we again succumb to the restrictions across the state and country in cancelling our third and final Wind Song Series Concert – scheduled for Sunday 26th September. With tight border restrictions on leaving NSW to return home, travelling into NSW is not feasible for Ensemble Q at this time.

Paul Dean, Ex Four Winds Festival Artistic Director, says: “I am very sad to be in the position where this concert has needed to be cancelled. Artists across Australia are impacted by COVID in this way and this is certainly not a new experience for us over the past 18 months. But I feel this cancellation more sharply because of my deep connection to Four Winds and the experience of performing in this amazing space. We all look forward to finding another opportunity to create musical memories with the wonderful Four Winds audience”.

We would like to share with you a playlist of some music from this program – Berio Folksongs, performed by Ensemble Q & Lotte Betts-Dean, in a live recording from the Qld Conservatorium in May 2019 – in that magic place before we knew this life of lockdowns and restrictions.

Keep listening and letting the music heal!


Andrew Robinson (Director) and the Four Winds Djinama Yilaga choir were extremely moved and honoured that their music video clip compilation Bagan, Barra Barra, Mirriwarr (land, sea, sky) received the Philip Hearnshaw Best Film Award and Far South Film Best Director Award at last weekend’s Far South Film Festival. Due to COVID lockdown restrictions the Festival was held entirely online.

Cheryl Davison applauds all of the film entries and says:

“I sat at my kitchen table and binged the lot. I was so impressed with all the films. I am so proud of my countryman Warren Foster’s work as a Director, and I am inspired and excited by the talent amongst young film makers as well. When I heard the winning announcement, I just wanted everyone to share in it. On behalf of Four Winds and the choir, I would like to thank the award sponsors (Cathy Griff) and the film festival organisers for the acknowledgement. We are so thankful that our ancestors guided us towards all the amazing people who helped us create these films that showcase our language and our culture so magnificently. Our brilliant Director, Andrew Robinson, listened so intently to the vision we held. The creation of these films has been a huge team effort, and we thank all those that supported and believed in this project. This award is for all our Yuin family. It is our country and our language that is being applauded here and we should all be very proud that all our people kept and continue to keep the language, story and country connected and strong.”

Cheryl Davison

Language Lesson Five

Today’s Language Lesson is from Djinama Yilaga Choir Member, Tamsin Davison. Tamsin talks us through how to use “yaway” or “come here” in Dhurga language.

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