Four Winds Bermagui - Music In Nature

The South Coast really turned it on for the 2021 Four Winds Festival

If you were here over Easter you will know that the weather was spectacular, the ocean inviting, and Bermagui and surrounds thronged with festival artists and audience. The festival itself was a three day explosion of culture.


When the first note sounded each day the audience stilled and focussed, you could hear a pin drop in the grass.

The audience was by turns truly moved, thrilled, transfixed and mesmerised as local and Indigenous artists collaborated and sang into the trees, contemporary dancers flew, string quartets and Baroque instrumentalists impressed and improvised. As ancient Trojan battles raged and the Gods looked down, a 400 year old cello sang solo to us and singer Lior’s ravishing voice drew us all in to moments of contemplation and compassion.

Congratulations to our Creative Director Lindy Hume. Thank you to everyone who came along and participated: thank you to all our wonderful volunteers and staff, thank you to our food vendors and wine providers, and in particular thank you to all the amazing artists who brought their gifts from near and far to share with us, it was marvellous.

Below are some images from the 2021 festival and more will be added to the website and our social media platforms in coming weeks.

The Sydney Dance Company performing Cinco

Lior in the throws of Compassion, conducted by Nigel Westlake

If you have feedback or would like to help us improve on our festival presentation, please take 10 minutes (max) to complete this survey, we appreciate your time.

If you’d like to become involved in creating music and culture here on the coast, please consider joining with the Four Winds organisation in presenting 21 Artist Residencies over the next three years.

To celebrate our 21st festival, we are facilitating 21 artist residencies and we invite you to join us, by donating funds specifically towards this project, or by sponsoring a complete residency. A fabulous gift to the performing arts and to our community.

The Djinama Yilaga Choir

The Iliad (Out Loud) at dusk

Some words from the festival

“That first program – I hesitate to call it a concert – took place right here in April 1991.

“It was opened by the great Australian actress Patricia Kennedy reading poetry and was followed by Michael Brimer playing the piano … He was a wonderful pianist but I can’t remember what he played or how we got the piano down the hill.

“Then Michael accompanied the voluminous sound of the voluminous international diva, Rita Hunter. There was a dirt stage, and three steps had been scraped into the hill on which the small audience planked their deck chairs.

“There was no sound system but the natural acoustic was sure.

“It was a very modest start and I don’t think anyone involved could have ever imagined the journey that has brought us here together today. Nor could they have foreseen what magnificent facilities might now exist and what diversity of programming delivered here that attracts thousands to this place every year, bringing pleasure and education, connections and healing, visitors and economic development to the south coast and its diverse community.

Carrillo Gantner

on the creation of the Four Winds Festival

A glorious day on the amphitheatre lawn

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