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Windsong Series Concert #2 cancelled – August 15, 2021

Considering the current extended Covid-19 lockdown in place in Sydney and in close consultation with the artists involved, we have again had to make the difficult decision to cancel our upcoming performance of “Suite Magica” with Andrew Blanch and Emily Granger.

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We celebrate ourselves, our place, our songs…

The songwriters and musicians of the South Coast write songs of place, of family, friends and farms. Of community, of tragedy, of history. They take these songs to the world, on stages near and far off-shore, but always return to their home, here on Yuin Country.

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Epic Conversations: Hume, Zappa and Homer

Greetings from Four Winds where we are deep in pre-festival planning and plotting.
We are all busy scheduling, confirming, promoting our festival for this year, cleaning, sanding, painting and cutting the grass, with great anticipation and excitement.

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Digital news: Stalin’s Piano

On Saturday October 10, after what seemed like an endless time, Four Winds at last threw open the doors of the Windsong Pavilion for our first live music event of 2020. In a fitting celebration we welcomed pianist Sonya Lifschitz performing Stalin’s Piano, a multimedia work by composer Robert Davidson.

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An important announcement

Four Winds is undertaking a redesign of its artistic leadership model in order to better serve the changing needs of artists and audiences following the impact of COVID 19.

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Gift of a song | Ganbi

A very special event has taken place in Bermagui Primary School. The gift of a new song Ganbi has been made from Four Winds Koori Choir ‘Djinama Yilaga’ to the Indigenous children at the school.

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Celebrating our Supporters

The whole Four Winds team is taking this opportunity to celebrate, thank and send a virtual round of applause to all those who have donated funds to Four Winds.

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