Virtual Musings from the Windsong Pavilion

Episode 1 – The Scottish Connection
Welcome to the first of the Four Winds new series of videocasts. I’m delighted to introduce you to Shetland fiddler Chris Stout who shares insights into his world and the traditions and influences of music from the Scottish Shetland Islands.

Given that Four Winds is known for unique, collaborative performances it will come as no surprise that, even during lock-down, we’ve been able to make music together for this videocast.

The first work we perform is a gorgeous Shetland traditional tune Da Trowie Burn. Chris explains the folkloric background to this beautiful tune before we perform it together. For the second collaboration in this episode we are joined by Catriona McKay (Scottish Harp) in a performance of a contemporary Scottish folk jewel – Louise’s Waltz composed by Catriona herself. She will also feature as a guest later in the series.

Catriona and Chris were scheduled to perform at the Four Winds Easter Festival this year which of course was not possible. However we are looking forward to welcoming them to Four Winds in person for Easter 2020… so these online collaborations are a musical taster of what’s in store next year with these fun-loving Scots!

It’s fair to say that Chris certainly brought out the Scottishness in me during the interview and I really hope that you enjoy our informal musings.

In a couple of weeks time we’ll be releasing episode 2 which will feature composer Gordon Hamilton and Beatboxer Tom Thum.

They’ll be chatting about their many collaborations and will present a brand new, amazing work created especially for this series, inspired by an incredible residency on Antarctica.

Best Wishes from us all at Four Winds,

James Crabb | Artistic Director


Virtual Musings from the Windsong Pavilion

Dear All,

I’m delighted to announce a new series of Videocasts called ‘Virtual Musings from the Windsong’.

This is our way of reaching out to our community, as well as sharing stories and music with you. Here is a short video which I’ve made to introduce the series and you can read more about the artists I’ll be collaborating with below.

These informal video interviews created with Four Winds friends old and new, will explore the different musical lives of musicians and how they are adapting to the challenges of the present. Not forgetting the creative art, we’ll also be including spontaneous, collaborative music-making created on-line often crossing time zones, borders and countries!

Throughout the series I will be talking to and collaborating with musicians such as Genevieve Lacey (whose wonderful playing accompanies this introductory video and is taken from a recording I made with her call ‘Heard this and Thought of You’ on ABC Classics), Trumpeter and Sydney Symphony Orchestra Fellow Fletcher Cox, Beatboxer Tom Thum with long-term collaborator composer Gordon Hamilton, Indigenous Australian musician, actor, director and much more Lou Bennett, fellow Scottish musicians, Shetland violinist Chris Stout and Scottish harpist Catriona McKay. Local musician and folklorist Kate Burke will also be joining me for one of the episodes.

The series will be released over the coming weeks and months – we’ve got seven planned so far – each episode will be approximately 20 minutes long. I really hope that you enjoy them as much as I did creating them.

We look forward to seeing you again soon in person once it’s possible to do so. In the meantime on behalf of myself and the Four Winds team please stay safe and healthy.

Best Wishes

James Crabb | Artsitic Director

Photo Credit James Crabb by Ben Marden | Windsong Pavilion by Trevor Mein