Photo by Ben Marden

Photo by Ben Marden

Photo by Ben Marden

Photos by Ben Marden
Photos by Ben Marden

Become a Four Winds Volunteer

Thank you for expressing interest in joining our team of volunteers!

Every event Four Winds puts on is made possible through the dedicated and hard work of our generous volunteers.

What we can give in return
As a small token of our appreciation, we offer the following benefits to our volunteers:

  • Access to volunteer-only events
  • Free day-pass ticket/concert ticket in exchange for hours worked
  • A fabulous red volunteer t-shirt
  • Our undying gratitude and appreciation

Fill in the form below to sign up as a volunteer

Volunteer Availability:
Volunteer Skills:

For further information, please contact Four Winds Volunteer manager Rachael Niemoeller:
+61 2 6493 3366 or
or click here to fill in the form

A big thank you!
We would love to send a big thank to those who have helped in the past and to our current volunteers. The generosity and enthusiasm of our volunteer’s team is a heart-warming reflection of the spirit and strength of our community.