The Muffat Collective

Position: quartet

The Muffat Collective are a classical music quartet with a difference! 4 incredible musicians, 4 best friends – they live, eat and breath ‘period music’ – that is the incredible music of the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Each with an impressive solo career at the top of the classical music industry in Australia, Matthew, Rafael, Anthony and Anton join forces to take you back to a historical era full of passion, electrifying vitality and artistic excellence. 

The Collective was formed by the chance meeting of these 4 musicians studying at the same time in The Netherlands. Bonding over their love of ‘period music’ they vowed to return home to bring Australian audiences leading practises and their expertise forged in the most dynamic baroque orchestras of Europe. 

They offer a chance to hear the music of not just well-known composers but also lesser-known baroque musicians in a more dynamic, genuine, and emotionally engaging setting. With period instruments dating from nearly 300 years ago and talents from today, they instill a new vitality into historically informed music making – giving you a memorable and inspiring experience. 

Georg Muffat (c. 1653-1704) – The Muffat Collective namesake

Georg Muffat was a composer, a professor of rhetoric and a traveller. The self-proclaimed German sought to unite different styles and musical tastes not only to “Make perfection in music” but to promote peace amongst the quarrelling nations of Europe. In the spirit of Muffat, our goal is to bring together communities, lovers of music and also those who are new to this style. We believe that there is something in this music for everyone; it has the power to entertain and refresh the spirit! 

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