Four Winds Bermagui - Music In Nature

Genevieve Lacey

Position: composer | recorder

Australian artist Genevieve Lacey creates sanctuaries in sound.

Using found and environmental sounds as well as newly composed material, Genevieve creates poetic, sensual worlds in which it is possible to be deeply attentive. The practice of listening is central to her works, which are always created collaboratively. Recurring preoccupations include flight and birdsong; tracing passages of time and light in sound; reframing old rituals for contemporary times.

Genevieve’s creations combine her skills as performer, composer and curator. Always seeking to connect people and ideas, her works are experienced in a huge variety of contexts. Current collaborators include filmmakers Amos Gebhardt and Sophie Raymond, writers Alexis Wright and Chloe Hooper, choreographers Gideon Obarzanek and Stephanie Lake, ornithologist/composer Hollis Taylor and Antarctic scientist Steven Chown.

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