Four Winds Bermagui - Music In Nature


Position: Ensemble

This collaboration was born in the lead up to the 2021 Easter Festival with the development of the ‘Songs from Yuin Country’ show involving acclaimed choir, Djinama Yilaga, and the Mudji- a collective of local storytellers, songwriters and musicians.  

The Djinama Yilaga is an intergenerational Yuin choir, established in 2019 and led by renowned Walbunga / Ngarigo artist, Cheryl Davison. Singing all original songs in Dhurga language, they include Cheryl Davison, Kobi Davison, Maria Walker, Michelle Davison, Requia Campbell, Shakeela Williams and Tamsin Davison. 

They are joined by the Mudji, local artists who are all established in their own right, including David Ross Macdonald (drums / guitar), Gabadu (hip hop / RnB artist), Heath Cullen (guitar), Melanie Horsnell (guitar/banjo), Pete Wild (piano), Rae Kennedy (spoken word), Robyn Martin (double bass), Sam Martin (guitar / double bass), Tamlyn Magee AKA Anactoria (harp).

Together through story and song they unravel and navigate the territory of language, joy, genocide, healing, love, culture, colonisation and connection. They explore the common ground that weaves us together.

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