Djinama Yilaga Choir

Position: Choir

Supported by the National Museum of Australia’s Cultural Connections Initiative, Four Winds’ first Aboriginal Creative Producer Cheryl Davison facilitated a community led project to revitalise and strengthen the cultural practices undertaken by Yuin people at the time of Cook’s Voyage, 250 years ago.

As part of this project the Djinama Yilaga Choir was born. Choir members have worked with composer and Indigenous Language Scholar Dr. Lou Bennett to write new works in Dhurga language and an arrangement for choir member Shakeela Williams’ song, Walawaani for performance at the 2020 Festival. When that festival was cancelled due to COVID-19, the performance project evolved to become the film project we share with you at the 2021 Festival, with the long awaited festival performances of these beautiful songs in language. The choir also perform at many events along the coast.

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