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wali: symf 2022

Wali: Spring Youth
Music Festival 2022


We are proud to announce the launch of the digital streaming of performances from the Four Winds 2022 Spring Youth Music Festival : Wali (a return).

In the upcoming weeks, we will be unveiling a series of installments, each showcasing an eclectic array of recorded performances that highlight the remarkable talents of our region’s youth artists collaborating with prominent professionals. These extraordinary live performances were expertly captured and brought to life by the talented audio-visual team at Sam’s Caravan.

Please keep a look out for videos of their performances and interviews – with new updates available and added to the playlist regularly for you to enjoy at your convenience.

Wali featured over three hundred local school children coming together to sing original Djinama Yilaga songs in Dhurga language. These songs were imparted to the children through Four Winds artists in schools program featuring Djinama Yilaga member Tamsin Davison and local musician and educator Robyn Martin.

This project marked a heartwarming return to the world of singing and communal music-making after several years of pandemic-related disruptions.

Renowned choir leader Rachel Hore, of Big Sing in the Desert, graced Wali with her time and energy, skillfully uniting the voices of these young performers. This moving and uplifting event was witnessed by appreciative parents and community members.

Ella Macens, a gifted composer, arranged the Dhurga songs for Djinama Yilaga, our massed children’s choir, adult voices, and chamber orchestra, resulting in a harmonious and inspiring fusion.

Additionally, our local schools also presented a delightful mix of music and dance, adding to the rich tapestry of this festival.


Introduction (sizzle)

Short sample of activities of the Four Winds 2022 Spring Youth Music Festival: Wali

News Piece

Interviews and performances from the 2022 Spring Youth Music Festival: Wali


Walawaani by Shakeela Williams and William Barton arranged by Ella Macens, Djinama Yilaga and Lou Bennett Conducted by Rachel Hore. Djinama Yilaga Choir with Inventi Ensemble, Luminescence Chamber Singers and David Hewitt.

Our Way

Our Way by Djinama Yilaga arranged by Ella Macens, Djinama Yilaga and Lou Bennett Conducted by Rachel Hore. Djinama Yilaga Choir with Inventi Ensemble, Luminescence Chamber Singers, Dean Gray and David Hewitt.

It Wasn’t True

It Wasn’t True by Angus Carpenter arranged by David Hewitt. Angus Carpenter and Inventi Ensemble. Angus Carpenter is a singer songwriter from the far south coast of NSW and attends Bega Highschool. In his song writing he draws emotion and storytelling to the surface to express his connection to the people and places around him. When Angus performs he hopes the audience can create their own meaning from the melodies and lyrics, or simply enjoy the unique and beautiful sounds of his voice accompanied by soothing guitar and piano.


‘Fiesta’ by Tommy Emmanuel and ‘Tamacun’ by Rodrigo y Gabriella
Music teacher Dave Crowden formed Guitarama in 2004 as a classical guitar ensemble. As its members have come and gone it has evolved to include Latin American, Afro, Celtic, and Jazz styles many of which are original tunes written by members of the ensemble. Guitarama have established themselves as a professional outfit on the south coast of New South Wales, with fans thoroughly enjoying their live performances for their memorable tunes, and intricate guitar work.

Jules Roche with Inventi Ensemble

Four Winds 2022 Spring Youth Music Festival – Jules Roche ( Guitar) with Inventi Ensemble.
‘Dos Oruguitas’ by Lin Manuel Miranda arr. Dave Crowden and Inventi Ensemble.

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