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Create and Inspire

Create and Inspire

Create and Inspire & Inspire Education Program

Create and Inspire is the inspirational year-round program of music-making with and for young people that is climaxing with this inaugural, Four Winds Youth Music Festival.

Create and Inspire is about exposing young minds to the gift of music, the experience of quality live performance, the opportunity to respond creatively and develop a life-long love of music and live performance. All the Four Winds activities outlined in this Youth Music Festival program fall under the Create and Inspire umbrella.

Directed by James Crabb all the elements of the program come together to form an overall creative experience for young people from our region, from their pre-school and primary school years, and for some through to high school. Our partnership with ANAM continues the creative learning by bringing outstanding new music graduates twice-yearly to Four Winds, to inspire, teach and perform while having the opportunity to learn themselves from nationally acclaimed artists and our community.

Create and Inspire is supported by partnerships with Sydney Youth Orchestra, Musica-Viva, Sydney Opera House, National Music Teacher Mentoring Program, South Coast Music Camp, Stonewave Taiko, and four Regional Choirs. We are also incredibly grateful for our four local pre-schools – Narooma, Bermagui, Little Yuin, Tathra, and five local primary schools – Narooma, Tilba, Bermagui, Tanja, Tathra – and we are delighted by their openness to engaging with this unique learning agenda. Internationally and nationally acclaimed artists who visit Four Winds are also part of the mix. They provide a priceless opportunity as they engage with our children and broader community through performances, workshops, masterclasses and residencies.

In 2019 we will continue to deliver all the elements which make up the Create and Inspire program, culminating in an expanded 2019 Youth Music Festival.

“We’re all so grateful to James & all those at Four Winds who put in so much work to create these amazing experiences & opportunities for our kids. Thank you”. Parent of musician performing at the Youth Festival.

“Greg was amazing, so engaging – wish we had more time with him! Students were enthralled as were us staff :)” Principal of Tanja Primary School

“It was beyond words today – simply exquisite and an absolutely amazing inspiration!”
Luca Ziino following master-class with Four Winds visiting artist Joyce Yang

Music Education Professional Development

Richard Gill AO

Music Education Professional Development

IN MEMORY OF RICHARD GILL AO (1941 – 2018) who will be forever in our hearts. Richard touched so many lives on the Far South Coast with his visits to Four Winds over the years bringing music workshops to children and professional development to school teachers. We will be forever grateful that he welcomed us as a participant in the first ever National Music Teachers Mentorship Program in 2015 (even though the Far South Coast was never meant to be part of the pilot program) and he provided unequivocal support thereafter. We will continue his work and never forget his absolute passion for, and unwavering determination to, improving music education in Australia and ensuring music is in the lives of every child

National Music Teaching Mentoring Program

National Music Teacher Mentoring Program

The NMTMP aims to establish mentorships between music education professionals and generalist classroom teachers. The goal is to enrich music education practice in primary schools by providing generalist classroom teachers with simple strategies and practices to engage students in quality music education.

It is a national program developed by the late Richard Gill AO, in partnership with the Arts Unit of New South Wales Education Department, administered by the Australian Youth Orchestra. Four Winds has been part of this program since 2015 and we are extremely grateful for the ongoing support and dedication from the NMTMP and from our participating primary schools. Our initial participation was only made possible because Four Winds donors responded to our call through our ‘Grow and Flourish’ campaign in 2015 and raised the $15,000 that was needed. And they’ve been responding ever since. Thank you.

Our first mentors, local music educators Louise Hankinson and Merinda Antill led the way by producing support materials that have assisted subsequent mentors and with the support of the NMTMP, we have adapted the program to ensure it is appropriate for the schools in our region. This year, our outstanding music educators are Geoffrey Badger and Juanita Lowe, who are working alongside the committed primary teachers in our five local primary schools, contributing towards this, our first Youth Music Festival.

The national evaluation of the NMTMP found: 90% of the teachers said that the result of their increased competence and confidence in the teaching of music led not only to significantly improved student engagement in music learning but that there was a positive flow-on effect to other learning areas and to the overall tone in the class.

“The mentoring has had a profound impact on me and I have loved every minute.”
Katha Anderson, Classroom Teacher, Stage 2 – 3/4A, Bermagui Public School

Raising Community Awareness

Raising community awareness

of the ecological assets from Gulaga to Mumbulla, NSW, by creating art in response to place, its stories and heritage. This will happen through a series of international, interstate and local artist residencies, artists working in schools, commissions of new music and three Creative Field Study programs (Fresh Salt). Artists will absorb perspectives from the sciences, humanities, local Aboriginal people and the wider community to create new works of art.

Early Music Education

Early Music Education

The value of an early education in music is now recognised worldwide. The scientific data is clear; children who have good early education in music thrive at every level. In short, music education makes a profound difference in the lives of children and the benefits are life-long.

The National Music Teacher Mentoring Program was founded by Australia’s foremost music educatos, Richard Gill, and has a very specific goal … to make high-quality music mentoring available to generalist classroom teachers across Australia with the aim of providing quality music education, not just for the few, but for every primary school child in Australia.

Four Winds launched an ambitious campaign to raise the funds necessary to bring Richard Gill’s program to the local school community of the Far South Coast of NSW. With the generous help of our wonderful donors, we’ve been able to select two local music teachers and begin implementing the program. Starting with primary schools in the local area, making a difference to over 100 local primary students this year alone, and benefitting many more students in the future. This program will have all the more impact in this low-income area where schools welcome many indigenous and disadvantaged students.

The NMTMP has been the perfect opportunity for the Four Winds community to affect the lives of ordinary Australian children in the way we know best, through music. We hope to continue into the future.

If you are interested in finding out more about this program or want to expand yourself as a music educator please contact +61 2 6493 3366 or Send Mail