Four Winds Festival 2021 Creative Director

Welcome back
We’ve missed you

For over a year, the Four Winds Sound Shell has patiently waited for this moment of reconnection with you, our festival audience. This is the perfect place for all of us to gather and reconnect – with each other, with nature, with this place, with music, with the world, with ourselves.

After a year of… well we all know what kind of year it’s been, this festival is an open-armed welcome. It’s a weekend of celebration and reflection, a gathering site for artists and audiences, locals and visitors to our region, people of all ages and backgrounds. For 2021 there are four ‘hero’ moments around which we’ve developed the weekend. Each is a ‘first’ for Four Winds:

Things Are Looking Up: Songs from Yuin Country is a joyous all-in celebration of the music, dance, language and cultures of this place as Yuin artists join the musician-storytellers of Candelo on the Sound Shell stage.

Sydney Dance Company performing Rafael Bonachela’s stunning Cinco, to live accompaniment by Sydney Symphony Orchestra Fellows. Don’t miss these seven brilliant athlete-artists in full flight, bathed in natural light on the Four Winds stage.

The Iliad (Out Loud), William Zappa’s adaptation of Homer’s epic tale earned standing ovations at the Sydney and Adelaide Festivals. Now Zappa’s team of actors and musicians bring this millennia-old tale of war and destiny to Bermagui’s own outdoor amphitheatre over three nights.

Compassion, Nigel Westlake’s stunning collaboration with Lior is a work we all need to hear now. Featuring an astonishing line-up of Australian musicians this powerful music and Hebrew/Arabic text, an appeal for human grace, will be the final statement of the festival.

And as always, we welcome Australia’s most brilliant musical stars to our home on the Sapphire Coast. From Baroque to folk sounds, from Middle Eastern classical to New York contemporary, and headliners from our celebrated local music scene. Performances here from the ancient to contemporary are heightened by these idyllic surroundings.

We invite you to reconnect with us in the beating heart of the festival, our extraordinary amphitheatre among the spotted gums, close to the crystalline waters of Cuttagee Beach and Barragga Bay, warmed by leaf-diffused sunlight.

I can’t wait to join you!

lindy hume
festival creative director

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