2019 Easter Festival

By November 20, 2018Easter Festival, News

Fabulous female ensembles at the Four Winds 2019 Easter Festival

“Celebrations of life, places, love and unity…”

We’ve just celebrated our inaugural Youth Music Festival at Four Winds. A highlight was our Festival Commission ‘On the Track’ by Lisa Young who is not only a wonderful composer, but also a stunning vocalist and founder of the all-female, 5 part vocal group ‘Coco’s Lunch’ – who will be performing on Easter Sunday in the Four Winds Sound Shell.

Coco’s lunch exudes energy and joy in their unaccompanied vocal performances. Audiences are transported by the blend of these exceptional voices as they explore sumptuous harmonies, rhythms and musical influences from around the world, but particularly from India and Africa. All their beautifully crafted performances are infused with the spirit of Jazz. They have toured all over the world, are multi award winners and will be performing at the 2019 Easter Festival in partnership with Musica Viva.

 Coco's lunch

See/hear Coco’s Lunch perform their latest single ‘Other Plans’

Coco’s Lunch is living proof that the world’s first instrument – the human voice – is still the finest and most versatile…As singers they prove that the voice has no bounds…’
The Hindu, India

‘Tight and soulful…sheer joy… There are no down moments – just celebrations of life, places, love and unity… A national treasure indeed…’ The Clothesline, Adelaide (4.5 stars)
‘Inordinately, preposterously, almost slanderously talented.’

Phillip Adams, ABC Radio National, Australia

Image credits: Raine Brown Photography, Musica Viva