Nature’s concert hall

Four Winds Festival is more than just exquisite music. It’s also 30 acres of open and wooded parkland, an open-air amphitheatre with grassed tiers that drop gently down to a stage framed by a lake that reflects the changing colours of the sky and is home to the frogs that sing along. We call it Nature’s Concert Hall.

The completion of the Windsong Pavilion–our purpose-built, indoor recital hall–and the Sound Shell marks a new beginning for Four Winds. The site is an important centre for our community, the region and beyond, where world-class cultural events will play out against the backdrop of our beautiful surroundings.

Sound Shell

The original Festival stage, the Sound Shell was constructed in 1991. Conceived by renowned architect, Philip Cox, the Sound Shell is a state of the art, contemporary performance space. It is built around a natural amphitheatre, looking out across a beautiful, lily-ladden dam. The Sound Shell has a seating capacity of 2000 people with fabulous sound and visual qualities, making it a unique and stunning stage for our Festival performances and other events.

Windsong pavilion

Designed by architect, Clinton Murray, The Pavilion is the only purpose built, indoor recital hall in southeast NSW. With state-of-the-art acoustics and stunning floor to ceiling views of our beautiful site, we have been fortunate to hold many wonderful, intimate performances in this building. The Pavilion is also where we conduct our exciting live-streaming events for local school children in partnership with the Sydney Opera House, and hold workshops.

Four Winds Native Species Arboretum

The natural world and the value of our area-specific flora and fauna are central to the Four Winds philosophy. Our site is situated in the locality of Barragga Bay, 8 km south of the small NSW township of Bermagui. We believe thatmusic and creativity is intertwined and enhanced through connection to conservation of nature. As a result of this, in 2013 we decided to transform much of the site into a native species arboretum.

The site was originally spotted gum and rainforest, but had been both logged and substantially cleared in the 1960s for beef cattle farming. Further tree removal was recently required for access road and power lines, and to erect the Windsong Pavilion which was completed in 2014.

With major input from local Landcare, botanists and indigenous local knowledge, we are restoring the original flora – greatly increasing biodiversity – and providing native species education and for our local, regional and national community.

This permanent all-weather venue now allows for both music composition and performance based around the regenerating natural habitat for local fauna and flora.

Integrated with Four Winds Arts activities, the site will provide inspiration to the 1000’s of visitors a year, illustrating the richness and uniqueness of the region’s botanical heritage and its great horticultural potential whilst controlling erosion and weeds and retarding fire. Four Winds takes its custodianship of the land our site sits on very seriously and is very excited to be able to develop a comprehensive appreciation of the natural space our music events occur within, as well as provide education about sustainable cultivation of our natural world.