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Tread lightly on the land

This image is of the Djaadjawan Dancers performing at Four Winds. It reminds us all that we are so privileged to live and work on Yuin Country, where music and nature have come together for tens of thousands of years. We are proud that Four Winds, with the guidance of our local Yuin community treads lightly on the land and cares deeply for our site. Through the generosity of donors to the ‘Grow and Flourish Campaign’ we have planted over 2000 native species trees on the site and sensitively developed our beautiful performance spaces.

The event at which the Djaadjawan Dancers were performing was a meeting of over 100 South Coast artists and arts organisations with the major State funder, Create NSW, who used the opportunity to present their new funding program for the arts to our community.

We facilitated this event in partnership with South East Arts. Create NSW is an important funder for Four Winds and provides funding to support for our year-round artistic program as well as The Bermagui Project.

Djaadjawan Dancers

Warren Foster

Warren Foster an inspirational contributor

Four Winds ‘Bermagui Project’ which has been guided by the expertise of our partner the Australian National University, has taken artists into the field with local experts who have a deep knowledge of our region. We are grateful to Warren Foster, a local Yuin Elder, who was an inspirational contributor and connected many local artists with the Aboriginal heritage of this land. One participant said: ‘The trust that Warren showed us was incredibly humbling and the group was overwhelmed by the whole experience’.

The creative results of the Bermagui Project have been in both the visual and performing arts and have been exhibited and performed in Canberra at the ANU and the Bega Valley Regional Gallery. They are artist’s responses to their experience in the field. Most of the artists have a close association with the South Coast and it is wonderful that Four Winds can help our local creative community see familiar surroundings in new ways to inspire their work and importantly, inform their audience.

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