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Enhancing the creative life of the south coast, all year-round

Our year-round program of concerts and events is now as significant as our major Festival. The year-round program which is supported by so many loyal audience members as well as our funders and donors enables us to present fine artists from around the world. In July 2017 we brought internationally acclaimed Australian actor John Bell to Four Winds, performing Strauss’ epic poem ‘Enoch Arden’ with pianist Simon Tedeschi.

Four Winds also brought Dame Emma Kirkby and Jakob Lindberg to Australia and produced their Australian Tour during November 2017. I’ve chosen this example because it’s a great illustration of our commitment to artists who are willing to stay longer in our region to share their expertise and teach.

John Bell and Simon Tedeschi

Dame Emma Kirby

Dame Emma Kirby

This is Dame Emma Kirkby teaching singers from Sydney, Canberra and the South Coast in the Windsong Pavilion prior to her and Jakob’s stunning performance of Renaissance Lute songs. We toured Emma and Jakob to Melbourne and Sydney which greatly increased Four Winds reputation beyond our region.

Experiencing Emma singing and Jakob’s lute playing in reality was overwhelming. I heard Emma over 30 years ago when almost unknown and later had records of her singing. The lutenist Jacob is a more recent experience. Finding out that he also is Swedish was an added bonus and delight, apart from his playing, which made me want to dance and cry at times! Audience Survey Respondent

We also present emerging artists to enable them to hone their skills not only as performers, but as programmers and contributors to the musical life of the community. Regular residencies with musicians from the Australian National Academy of Music (Melbourne) – a important partner for Four Winds – sees younger generation musicians performing and teaching in our pre-schools, libraries, for community groups and providing much needed 1-2-1 instrumental tuition in our region.

ANAM students engaging with community

This model is fantastic because everyone wins…our young people get to experience live music, audiences get to know the next generation of fine Australian musicians and the musicians themselves develop their practice in a real-world setting. Four Winds is providing another opportunity for ANAM students at the 2018 Easter Festival – our Festival String Orchestra is made up of musicians from ANAM.

Without the support of our audiences, donors and funders, life enriching opportunities for our audiences and young people at this level of quality would not be available on the South Coast of NSW.

Aurelia trio (ANAM)

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