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Ambitious yet grounded

This picture shows local school children responding creativity to a live-streamed performance from our partner Sydney Opera House. The performance they experienced from the Opera House was Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – a classical work depicting the western notion of the seasons. Following the performance, they spent time with members of the Yuin community on our site who taught the children about the Aboriginal Seasons on the South Coast.

The impact of this event was to enable an inclusive, inspiring, creative response from the children to the performance they had seen. They were not simply audience members, but creative participants in a day long exploration of music, nature and shared creativity – the essence of Four Winds. That’s the model we will be developing with the artists who come to Four Winds, and with our partners who live-stream content to the region. We will continue to work with artists who are willing to share their talents and music with our young people.

Jack Lafferty, children laying leaves

James Crabb, Artistic Director

I am so keen for the youngest members of our community – particularly in pre- and primary-schools – to have a sustained experience of live music and to know how exciting it feels to respond creatively, either by themselves or in collaboration with others. This could be the start of a truly creative life as well as a lifetime’s passion for music.

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