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Philanthropic Case studies

Four Winds embodies how donors and supporters play a significant role in positively impacting the lives of other through the arts. Here are some examples which show how we use every donation in order that they have maximum impact.

Generosity enables access to music

In 2016, 139 donors contributed just over $100,000 which enabled us to purchase a stunning hand-made 7ft Shigeru Kawai piano.

The impact of this incredible gift to Four Winds is that the piano is now a key resource for the region . It is used regularly for education work and by young talented pianists to practice their skills.

The piano is played often to accompany community music activities in the Pavilion and has allowed local promoters to expand their program, particularly in Jazz. It has also enabled Four Winds to bring celebrated pianists such as Piers Lane and in 2018 Joyce Yang to the Far South Coast of NSW to perform.

Without the piano, none of this would be possible.

In 2017 we launched ‘Composing the Future with James Crabb’

Through the generosity of 97 donors, we received $66,000 which was matched by Creative Partnerships Australia, a Federal initiative which encourages private investment in the arts and private donors.

This campaign was launched to coincide with the appointment of our new Artistic Director, acclaimed classical accordionist James Crabb.

One particularly exciting outcome of Composing the Future with James Crabb is that it has enabled Four Winds to commission five new compositions which will be presented at the 2018 Easter Festival. Three of these new works have taken their inspiration from the Far South Coast and two of the composers are local. The premiere of three of the works will include members of our community – so you might see or hear your friends and colleagues performing in a world premiere at the 2018 Easter Festival.

Through the generosity of our donors, we have developed a more active and ambitious music education program.

Generosity enables access to music

Over the last 18 months have brought quality live music experiences to 1300 children from our 5 local pre-schools and 6 local primary schools over the last year alone. We have presented music in their schools, in libraries, in the community and at Four Winds.

This is a great example of how the support of our donors allows us to keep artists for longer at Four Winds so that they may work with and in our community, as well as perform for us. The celebrated Indigenous Opera Singer, Deborah Cheetham, is a great example. She worked at Four Winds over three days with local indigenous children from across our region – they learnt, created and performed together. It is exciting that those children are coming together again for the Welcome to Country at the 2018 Easter Festival.

That is the future for Four Winds. To engage with great artists from home and overseas, for those artists to inspire us through performance and for them to stay longer in the region so that they may continue to work and engage with our community and young people. This is because we believe music is a powerful force to fire the imagination, foster creative vision and talent, to enrich lives and encourage active participation.
Your support is vitally important to our ability to deliver a positive impact on Australian music, music education, the environment and communities near and far.

Tread lightly on the land
This image is of the Djaadjawan Dancers performing at Four Winds. It reminds us all that we are so privileged to live and work on Yuin Country, where music and nature have come together for tens of thousands of years. Read more

Enhancing the creative life of the south coast, all year-round
Our year-round program of concerts and events is now as significant as our major Festival. The year-round program which is supported by so many loyal audience members as well as our funders and donors enables us to present fine artists from around the world. Read more

Raising aspirations
Four Winds generous donors and funders enabled the development of the exceptional performances spaces which make up Nature’s Concert Hall. Read more

Our aspirations, ambitions and achievements to date are remarkable.
But we are clear that we must remain grounded; connected to our place, people and community. Read more

Thank you

Thank you for being an audience member, volunteer, donor or funder.
Music is at the heart of Four Winds – but sharing music and nurturing creativity is what we do, from the examples on our website we hope you get a picture of Four Winds year-round activity; we are no longer just an iconic Easter Festival. The reason is simple; the power of music can positively impact all our lives in remarkable and unexpected ways.
Four Winds sustained, year-round program of work injects a truly remarkable level of ambition and quality to the musical life of the South Coast; for artists, audiences, community groups and most importantly for young people in our local schools, where access to great quality live music is otherwise scarce.

Your donation to Four Winds is an important investment in the creativity of future generations – thank you.