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Encouraging a love for live music

We know that experiencing live music can be life changing. We are committed to generating a fascination, curiosity and love for live music among as many people as we can, but especially among young people.

This commitment includes nurturing future performers, creators, musicians and audiences. It is with the support of our donors and partnerships with national education providers such as Música Viva, Sydney Opera House and the National Music Teacher Mentoring Program and the Australian National Academy of Music that Four Winds is able to provide access to quality live music experiences for our young people which otherwise would be massively reduced.

It is only through your help that we will continue to dramatically increase the number of opportunities for young people living on the far South Coast of NSW to experience and engage in quality live music activities.

The future of music

We love music and are excited by making our contribution to the development of the art-form through collaborations and commissions. Four Winds, our Festivals and events not only bring musicians together in new collaborations, but as a commissioner we are creating significant new works which have a tangible link to the Far South Coast of NSW. These works resonate far beyond our region and our wonderful natural environment gives them a uniqueness which can only originate from this place. Four Winds as a space for the creation of new work is undoubtedly of huge benefit to Australia’s leading musicians who are now choosing to come to the South Coast to develop their work.

This is as a direct result of the facilities at Four Winds which were developed with the support of many donors and volunteers, as well as State and Federal Government investment.

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