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With the support of our donors Four Winds is proud to have commissioned 16 new works to date and premiered 32 new works. This year with the support of commissioners and those who have contributed to the Composing the Future with James Crabb Four Winds has five new works being premiered at the 2018 Easter Festival.

Thank you to the following donors who have specifically supported the creation of new work in partnership with Four Winds.

If you would like to partner Four Winds in commissioning a new work – which is a great and lasting way to celebrate a milestone, please call David Francis on 02 6493 3366 or email


Commissioner’s fund for new music:

  • Australasian Performing Rights Association
  • Father Arthur Bridge
  • Julian Burnside

  • Sue Fisher
  • Steven Alward and Mark Wakely
  • Carrillo & Ziyin Gantner
  • Marigold Southey

  • Maria Myers
  • The Keir Foundation
  • Cliff Wallis & Sayaka Mihara