Apart from being Artistic Director of the Four Winds Festival, I’m very privileged to play with the Australian World Orchestra and am currently on tour with them in India.

So, I thought I’d send you all a postcard!

The highlights have been too numerous to mention. Playing Schubert’s 9th Symphony with Zubin Mehta is a pretty tough one to beat, I have to say the orchestra has played absolutely incredibly during the tour.
However, visiting slums on Saturday with Belinda MacFarlane (violin LSO), Monica Curro (violin MSO) and Troy Greatz (Percussion WASO) and playing a concert for the extraordinary children there was life changing. Never before have I felt so humbled and privileged to be a musician. An incredible audience!
Nov2015_Paul Dean in India_Weightlifting Centre_cropped
The orchestra rehearses Schubert 9 in the New Delhi Weightlifting centre. Made for a very acceptable concert hall. Great plaque about the Maestro at the back of the stage!
Nov2015_Paul Dean in India_Concert hall in Mumbai_with captions
The Australian World Orchestra with the Maestro post concert number 2 in the Concert Hall in Mumbai. Notice that the Maestro places the wind section around the front of the string section when playing Schubert 9. A career highlight for me.
I’m so pleased to be flying the flag for Australia, Four Winds and Bermagui on this wonderful international tour.  I am really looking forward to playing for you at the 2016 Festival in performances of Dvorak’s Wind Serenade and Messiaen’s Quartet for the End of Time to name just a couple.  Of course I can’t sign off without reminding you that tickets are now on sale. If you haven’t yet purchased your Festival tickets then please click here.
Very best wishes
Paul Dean
Artistic Director
PS – I recently did an interview with Alex Sloan on ABC666 Canberra, so if you’d like to find out more about my life as a musician you might like to follow this link…