2018 Easter Festival


Every event Four Winds presents is made possible through the dedicated support and hard work of our volunteers. Their generosity and enthusiasm is a heart-warming reflection of the spirit and strength of our local community, its people and the beautiful place in which we live and work.

Four Winds continues to be overjoyed by the support we receive from volunteers. Each of you makes a real difference, and we are enormously grateful to you for being an integral part of our annual program.

Thank you!

Volunteers not busy have the opportunity to watch an Event – 2018 Easter Festival

Meet and Greet volunteers

Parking Volunteers

2014 Easter Festival

25 years strong

Usher Ilona at 2017 Summer Sounds

Youth Festival

Making friends at Four Winds

2018 Easter Festival

Box office team

Making history together

Lunch time – 2018 Easter Festival

2018 Easter Festival

Serving beverages at an Event

2012 Easter Festival