Corinne Gibbons

Simon Lewis (piano)

Singing For Your Soul | with Corinne Gibbons and Simon Lewis | Monday 7 October | 9.30am – 5pm | Windsong Pavilion

An uplifting, joyous day of singing and listening; lunch in the beauty of the bush at Barragga Bay and catching up with friends old and new. On top of this, we even got some rain! A big thank you to Corinne and Simon, all the participants and our wonderful catering and volunteer team.

 Corinne Gibbons
 Corinne Gibbons
 Corinne Gibbons and Simon Lewis
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Corinne Gibbons:

Australian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Corinne Gibbons has been singing all of her life. Her work is infused with a joyful energy borne from the ancient art of storytelling in song.

She has recorded an album, ‘Melt’, and has written three musicals that have been performed to over 100,000 people to date. Having worked across four continents and over 15 countries, engaging multicultural teams to come together and write songs and perform, Corinne is deeply committed to uniting more people of all walks of life in collaborative efforts through the creation of music.

In her work with Phil Collin’s Charity “Little Dreams Foundation”, Corinne conducted the Global Social Responsibility team to record and perform a song written to support Phil’s charity for children. The song was then performed by a 200-piece choir from over 20 different countries and included children from the charity at a performance in the main square of Montreux.

As an expansion of her vocal coaching Corinne developed Singing Immersions for participants to discover and deepen the freedom and joy of vocal expression.

Simon Lewis

Simon Lewis is the creative force behind Amanaska and Pravana and has released 9 albums between the projects since 2003. His music as been featured on numerous compilations around the globe and many soundtracks. For the last 30 years Simon has worked in the live music scene in Australia and internationally, with numerous bands, funky outfits, singers, cover bands, and the odd famous person.