2019 | Malumba | CD launch the Passage

Malumba CD launch the Passage

Virtuosic, original and exciting, Malumba’s genre-defying music will take you on a sonic journey while making your toes tap and your heart soar. With hints of Klezmer melodies, gypsy jazz harmonies, Celtic instruments and African rhythms, Malumba’s sound is unique and hugely versatile. Blending together the sounds of Australia’s top folk and jazz musicians ensures performances are exciting and full of improvisation.

Since forming in 1997, Malumba have released 6 albums, toured the UK and performed at most of the major folk festivals throughout Australia. A world music ensemble based on the far south coast of NSW, Malumba performs original folk inspired instrumental music, full of intricate melodies and improvisations.

In contrast to the full band format of the past five albums, The Passage is a gentler offering. The 13 original compositions include 2 solo guitar works, the remaining tracks being violin and guitar duets. The recording process was greatly assisted by the sublime acoustics of the Windsong Pavilion, at The Four Winds, Bermagui. This world class concert hall allowed the music to be recorded in a live format, the natural reverb of the chamber creating a feeling of intimacy and warmth. The tracks were all composed by violinist Dan Efraemson and guitarist John Hoorweg, and explore a range of traditions and influences, including Celtic, jazz, reggae, Klezmer and other folk traditions.

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2018 | Malumba | Album recording

Local composers and musicians Dan Efraemson and John Hoorweg

Recording the latest Malumba album

Local composers and musicians Dan Efraemson and John Hoorweg have been busy recording the latest Malumba album, as well as recording a couple of Narooma High School HSC music students. Eden Brennan took the opportunity to record a Celtic march on her harp, while Georgia Macdonald recorded an original song. The acoustics are absolutely sublime – the instruments almost seem to play themselves!