Corinne Gibbons Simon Lewis | Singing for your Soul

James Crabb (classic arcordion) Anthony Marwood (violin) | Windsong Series 3

Kenny Broberg (piano) | Windsong Series 2


 Photo by Ben Marden

Christmas Folk

Performer Youth Music Festival

 Photo by Marika Nordquist

Short Black Opera and the Dhungala Choral Connection Songbook

Liam Wooding (piano) and Jackson Bankovic (trombone) (ANAM)

 Photo by Lara Crew

Windsong Series #3

 Photo by Ben Marden

Doctor Stovepipe

 Photo by Ben Marden

Doctor Stovepipe and Creativity

Joyce Yang (piano) – Masterclass

Mission Songs Project comes to Four Winds

Damian Barbeler


Simon Tedeschi (piano)

Andrew Haveron (violin)

Yasukazu Kano (bamboo flutes)

Luca Ziino (piano)

Texture Like Sun

Joshua Wellington

Iris White

Chelsy Atkins

James Crabb (Artistic Director)


James Crabb (Artistic Director)

The Song Company

Luca Ziino – Geoffrey Badger

Tony King (Beautifully Mad)

Djaadjawan Dancers

Tilba School

Dame Emma Kirkby (soprano) and Jakob Lindberg (lute)

Golden Gate Brass (ANAM)

Aurelia Trio (ANAM)