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Fresh Salt | Creative Responses to Eight Exquisite Estuaries

A collaboration between visual artists, musicians, composers, choreographers and creative writers inspired by the estuaries of the NSW Far South Coast – Yuin Country – where fresh and salt water mix.

Adam Millar | Caitlin Brown | Carolyn Young | Chandelle Gogerly | Gilda McKechnie | Helen Morris | Pauline Balos | Peter Cotton | Robyn Williams | Sharon Field | Veronica O’Leary | Justina Legoe | Gloria Florez | James Lynn | Lyndell Jenkins | Paul Jackson | Cheryl Davison | David Gallan | Lee Cruse | Delia Silvan | Lee Pemberton | Lee Pemberton | Paul Hopper | Sky Etherington | Victoria Nelson | David Hewitt | Trevor King | John Reid

“Four Winds is committed to developing, supporting and inspiring our local creative community”, said Lara Crew, Four Winds Create and Inspire Program Producer.

Fresh Salt aims to raise community awareness about the ecological and cultural significance of the area through the power of art.

“As the waters mingle so do the artists, the knowledge, the ideas, the sharing,” said Four Winds Artistic Director, James Crabb. “We are fortunate to live and work in an exceptional and dynamic landscape, Fresh Salt is a creative response to that, through images, words, movement, or music.”

Side by side with the art, the project has created time; time to talk regardless of background or expertise and celebrate a shared interest in the Bega Valley.

David Gallan | flow 2017

Film | 5 min
flow follows water courses, from fresh to salt, from mountain streams and still forest pools, to tidal lakes and the sea. Water sustains life and shapes the landscape. flow records wildlife from microscopic diatoms to towering spotted gums and endangered southern right whales. The film is also influenced by the work of Max Williams whose verse captured the nature and sensual beauty of the far south coast. “…We saw the secret happenings of dreams, Wild things on cliffs and seaside dunes …” Max Williams, The Remains of Paradise.

Gloria Florez | MADRE-TIERRA 2017

Video | 2 min loop
It takes a tsunami of open hearts to free mother-earth from mankind’s subjugation. I captured this image by coincidence, at Montreal Goldfield during Field Study 2. While walking along the remains of what once was a gold mine during the gold rush period and looking through the metal bars blocking access to one of its dark tunnels, a small and vibrant pink orchid (Dipodium punctatum) caught my attention. As I took this photograph (adjacent), someone simultaneously shone a torch into this foreboding space. The photograph evokes Nature’s resilience and desire to survive despite humankind’s
insatiable march to cut down, open up, dig up, seal up and modify many millions of years of our barely touched natural world. MADRE-TIERRA is a utopian journey into what can happen if we reconsider our actions.