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Windsong Series #3

Genevieve Lacey (recorder), Jane Gower (bassoon),
Lars Ulrik Mortensen (harpsichord)
Sunday 19 August | 1pm | Windsong Pavilion


Early Music Workshop

Early Music Workshop

At this two-day ensemble workshop you will explore some renaissance dance music and some sacred works both, vocal and instrumental.

The Renaissance was for musicians an era of discovery, innovation and exploration. While vocal music was superior to instrumental playing throughout the Middle Ages, the latter rose to greater recognition during the 16th century. Instrumental music became part of education, it profited from the popularity of dancing across the social ranks, and the invention of new instruments prompted composers to explore their properties and sounds. At this workshop you will be introduced to, and play dance music (eg, by Playford), and sacred works (eg, Victoria)

Instruments: 440Hz pitch Recorders, other wind instruments (oboe/flute), strings (violin/cello/bass/harp)

Tutors: Barbara Jerjen, Musician, Musicologist, Musical Director of the Canberra Recorder and Early Music Society and Alexandra Bailliet-Joly, Sydney-based recorder artsi and music teacher and member of Dolce Ombre quartet.