The Grow and Flourish Campaign

The Four Winds Grow & Flourish campaign was established to match the Creative Partnerships Australia challenge grant of $48,000 – all within a 5-week time frame. The target was not only achieved, we actually surpassed it! $56,360 was raised ($8,360 over our target), which, together with the grant, meant we raised a total of $104,360.

This was achieved through our first ever online fundraising campaign, supported by social media. This helped to keep the costs down so that the funds went to where they had the most impact.

Three exciting and worthwhile projects benefitted from your support of this campaign.

Richard Gill’s National Music Teacher Mentoring Program was launched and two highly skilled local mentors worked with 4 generalist teachers in 6 local primary schools to give them the skills to deliver quality music education. 113 students benefitted from this project in 2015 alone.

The native species tree-planting project on the Four Winds site is underway and is already adding to the beauty of Nature’s Concert Hall.

Finally, Four Winds has taken a bold step into the world of digital education with the installation of videoconference equipment in the Windsong Pavilion. Our first connection was with the Sydney Opera House for a live performance of The Tale of Samulnori followed by an interactive Q&A session with the performers. The Head of Learning at the Opera House, Bridgette Van Leuven commented:

What an amazing achievement! Connecting with the far south coast schools at the Opera House.’

Four Winds could not achieve what we do without your help and your generosity is very much appreciated. Many thanks for your support.