Four Winds Festival is more than just exquisite music. It is a celebration of creativity deeply rooted in the physical place it inhabits. It’s also about a very special place we call Nature’s Concert Hall; 30 acres of open and wooded parkland, an open-air amphitheatre with grassed tiers that drop gently down to a stage framed by a lake that reflects the changing colours of the sky and is home to the frogs that sing along. As such, we are proud and humbled to be the custodians of the land our site sits upon and the stunning, world-class performance spaces we maintain.

The Nature’s Concert Hall comprises of The Windsong Pavilion and the Sound Shell. These impressive performance spaces have been purpose built and designed to deliver a space of high quality acoustics in harmony with the stunning ecology of the sapphire coast. Constructed using sustainable design principles and utilising the best features Barragga Bay has to offer, Nature’s Concert Hall is a home for innovative expression and the exploration of music and nature.

The Sound Shell

The original Festival stage, the Sound Shell was constructed in 1991. Conceived by renowned architect, Philip Cox, the Sound Shell is a state of the art, contemporary performance space. It is built around a natural amphitheatre, looking out across a beautiful, lily-ladden dam. The Sound Shell has a seating capacity of 2000 people with fabulous sound and visual qualities, making it a unique and stunning stage for our Festival performances and other events.

The Windsong Pavilion

Designed by architect, Clinton Murray, The Pavilion is the only purpose built, indoor recital hall in southeast NSW. With state-of-the-art acoustics and stunning floor to ceiling views of our beautiful site, we have been fortunate to hold many wonderful, intimate performances in this building. The Pavilion is also where we conduct our exciting live-streaming events for local school children in partnership with the Sydney Opera House, and hold workshops.


Four Winds acknowledge that our beautiful site is situated in Yuin Aboriginal Country. We recognise that the Yuin people have been instrumental in caring for this country and its song lines over thousands of years.

They have advocated strongly protecting and respecting this place and its surrounds so that functioning natural systems exist in their own right for us to enjoy and draw creative inspiration from.

Four Winds thank the Yuin people for their care and we look forward to working together well into the future as custodians for our future generations.