Easter Festival 12 days to go

By March 17, 2018Easter Festival, News

By now we hope you are familiar with our Four Winds 2018 Easter Festival hero image, taken by photographer Ben Marden which features double bass player Rohan Dasika.

Here he is again – perhaps more recognisable from this photograph…

Rohan came to play the double bass via piano, tuba and trombone. Seeing a double bass in the school orchestra convinced him to change instruments because it would allow him to indulge his passion for the bass notes.

“I went to watch the school orchestra play, saw the double bass players sitting up the back looking like they were having a great time and wanted to do what they were doing!”

You may recognise Rohan because he is a great friend of Four Winds. We first experienced his artistry on the double bass when he performed in the 2014 Easter Festival. Rohan studied at the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) and will be joining a new generation of musicians from ANAM who are coming to Four Winds for the first time, and who are forming the Festival String Ensemble. Four Winds is incredibly proud to be supporting the development of Australian musician’s careers by providing them with performance opportunities alongside hugely experienced and established artists in a ‘real-world’ setting.

Rohan’s career is going from strength to strength. Recently, he was appointed to Frankfurt’s ‘Opern-und-Museumsorchester’ (Opera House and Museum Orchestra) and we are delighted that he accepted the invitation to come from Germany and play for us this Easter.

Rohan features in a range of performances at the Festival – you will certainly see him on the Sound Shell stage underpinning many ensemble works. For an altogether alternative perspective on the double bass, catch him playing in solo in Sideshow Alley – there are still tickets available for the 9pm performance.

In 2015 Rohan was interviewed and asked what he had sacrificed for his art. His reply was…

“I’m sure that choosing to hang out with a large wooden box rather than humans for large chunks of time must have done something to my head!”

Meet Rohan and hear him perform at the Four Winds 2018 Easter Festival along with all our Festival artists who will be at Nature’s Concert Hall throughout the whole weekend.

How are you getting to the Festival Sound Shell Saturday and Sunday?

There are two options for getting to the Sound Shell Saturday and Sunday events:

1. Catch a free bus from the Bermagui Country Club. Bookings essential.
2. Drive. Parking is available on-site for $10 per car. Bookings essential.

Shuttle bus bookings and car park passes can be booked on the ticketing site via the link below…

To find out more about all upcoming events at Four Winds go to www.fourwinds.com.au, call 02 6493 3414 or drop in to our Four Winds office at the Bermagui Community Centre.