A beautiful sunny morning at the Four Winds site welcomes David Hewitt, acclaimed percussionist and composer, with Jed Silver, sound artist/engineer, to day 3 of their residency in the Windsong Pavilion.

ONDES_Nov2015_David Hewitt res

Dave and Jed in the Windsong Pavilion.

Dave, continuing from his residency last year, will be working on a composition titled ONDES, a solo piece for percussion, voice, and live sound design.

ONDES_Nov2015_David Hewitt Res 3

The view from the sound design deck.

Says Dave, “my starting point with ONDES is to explore gradually evolving waves of mesmeric rhythms and vocal melodies. For me this approach reflects the patient and evolving character of the local landscape, it’s seasons and it’s community. This meditative approach also serves to focus my creativity energies and to open up the possibility of other ideas. The material developed through ONDES will ultimately form the basis for a number of distinct projects which are also likely to include other artists i.e. musicians,choreographers, lighting designers and multimedia. Jed Silver, joins me as we collaborate to further develop this material utilizing his incredible skills in manipulating live sound.”

ONDES_Nov2015_David Hewitt Res 2

Dave and Jed will be in the Windsong Pavilion until the end of this week. We’re very excited to see the finished product!