2018 Easter Festival

Four Winds 2018 Easter Festival | volunteer

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Dear All,

As well as being extremely excited about the line-up of artists we have coming for the 2018 Easter Festival, I’m equally excited about working with the fabulous team at Four Winds who come together to deliver the Festival, which is made up of many, many Volunteers.

I know from my own experience that Volunteering can be one of the very best ways to experience a Festival, not least because you get a rare glimpse into the back-stage elements of these extraordinary events – as well as getting to enjoy the performances, with a free one-day pass to the Sound Shell.

Volunteer teams are always made up of enthusiastic like-minded people and it’s great to be surrounded with a team of people always working toward everything being the best it can be.

I’m glad to introduce you to some of our Four Winds Volunteers – see some of their profiles below.

I’m also struck by what a great opportunity it is for young people to have some hands-on experience of how a large scale event is managed and delivered. Volunteering is a great addition to anyone’s resume, but for younger people looking to stand out, to have Four Winds on your CV has got to be a good thing! If you know of a young person who might like this opportunity as part of their professional development, please let them know – we’d love to hear from them.

Our wonderful volunteer coordinator Bruce Frost will be really happy to connect with anyone who’d like to Volunteer to be part of the 2018 Easter Festival team. We certainly don’t take our Volunteers for granted and will happily provide a one-day pass to the Sound Shell as a thank you for helping deliver the Festival – as well as invites to special events throughout the year.

If you are interested in Volunteering please register your interest by following the link below and filling in your details.

If Volunteering isn’t going to work for you I hope we will see you at the Festival as an audience member – just a reminder that Early Bird tickets are on sale for a limited time, so guarantee your discount by booking your tickets before 4 December!

If you’ve already booked – thank you – we are really looking forward to seeing you.

Very best wishes

James Crabb
Artistic Director

Four Winds 2018 Easter Festival | An insight into programming

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Dear All,

I am really excited about how the program for the 2018 Easter Festival is coming together. I wanted to share some small insights into how I am going about programming the Festival.

For me, the starting point often varies. For instance, sometimes it starts with a musical idea or collaboration – and other times it starts with an artist and the kind of music they are particularly known for and usually with good reason.

The Four Winds 2018 Easter Festival has elements of both. For the Sound Shell program I have selected the works I believe will create a really interesting and beautiful experience for the audience – and that play to our artists strengths. For instance, Aleksandr Tsiboulski a fabulous guitarist from Adelaide will be performing Lute Concerto by Vivaldi. He will be accompanied by string players from the Australian National Academy of Music – the next generation of great Australian musicians. Another really interesting work I have programmed is Ayre by the South American composer Osvaldo Golijov. It won’t be a familiar work for most people, but it’s based on folk tunes from the Middle East and Mediterranean and features the amazing vocal range and expressiveness of soprano Emma Pearson. It’s a stunningly engaging work that showcases many instruments not normally seen on the concert hall stage. It involves a dream team of Festival Artists and will take us all on an emotional journey from meditation to a touch of mayhem.

As I said, the idea for an element of the program sometimes comes from a creative conversation with an artist. Pianist Ian Munro will be performing in our second House Concert, to be held on a beautiful property in Barragga Bay. Ian and I were talking about words in music and the fact that he has composed a song suite based on texts by Emily Dickinson, Matsuo Basho and Judith Wright called Three Birds for soprano, piano, clarinet and cello. The Barragga Bay property provides the perfect setting for these songs given that Emma Pearson will also be singing some Spanish Folk songs during the same concert with Ian at the piano. It is always exciting to introduce our artists to new works and composers they may not have collaborated with before – it makes their time at the Four Winds Festival even more interesting and engaging.

It’s always a real bonus when the timing of our Festival coincides with artists or ensembles who have a program they are currently or about to tour. The Song Company and Jessie Lloyd’s ‘Mission Songs Project’ are both examples. Though widely contrasting vocal moments of the Easter Festival, both will be truly memorable.

I’m really looking forward to collaborating with some of Australia’s finest musicians and with our celebrated guests from overseas.

Click through here to see our latest social media clip introducing the Festival Artists who are going to be performing for you…

Our promise is to surround you with music, brilliance and beauty.

I’m sure you know by now that tickets are on sale and our Early Bird rates run until the beginning of December – I’d urge you to book soon as some of the events are already sold out.

Last, please read below the details about the new Four Winds Access Pass as this may apply to you if you are purchasing concession tickets to the Sound Shell Saturday and Sunday events.

Very best wishes

James Crabb
Artistic Director

Four Winds 2018 Easter Festival | Early Bird Tickets

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Wednesday 28th March to Easter Sunday 1st April 2018 Info and bookings

Dear all,

I am delighted to announce that tickets for the Four Winds 2018 Easter Festival are available from today. Please join me for what promises to be a beautiful Festival of music; it will be the most ambitious Four Winds Festival to date.

Surround yourself with Music, Brilliance and Beauty.

60 Artists, 10 Ensembles, 26 Performances, 10 Stunning Locations, 5 Days.

Four Winds 2018 Easter Festival
Wednesday 28 March to Sunday 1 April 2018

I’ve crafted a program which will take you on a global musical journey, from early music to the current day. The program features well-known works from composers such as Haydn, Schumann, Bach, Vivaldi, Byrd, Saint-Säens, Piazzolla and Respighi. I’ve also programmed an incredible work by South American composer Golijov; ‘Ayre’ features soprano Emma Pearson singing a vocal line inspired by many different cultures and traditions accompanied by Festival aritsts who play many instruments not normally seen on the concert hall platform. The spatial, still and atmospheric music of Arvo Pärt brings a Nordic influence to the program, which is in contrast to the energized Three Dancers by Australian composer Eleanor Kats-Chernin whose composition was inspired by the Picasso painting of the same name.

What is truly wonderful is the number of stunning musicians who have agreed to come and perform for you. Celebrated British violinist Jack Liebeck is returning by popular demand and for the first time we will welcome Israeli flautist Ariel Zuckermann (Music Director of the Israel Chamber Orchestra). They will take to the stage alongside some of Australia’s finest solo artists, including soprano Emma Pearson, pianists Tamara-Anna Cislowska and Ian Munro, harpist Alice Giles, guitarist Aleksandr Tsiboulski, and such highly regarded ensembles as the Goldner String Quartet, The Song Company, Speak Percussion and the Australian Brass Quintet. I’m also delighted that Jessie Lloyd’s ‘Mission Songs’ project will be presented as part of the Festival.

To ensure that everyone connects with the artists and the music they are experiencing, ABC Classic FM’s Guy Noble will be our host throughout the whole Festival.

The program centres on two full days of music in Four Winds out-door Sound Shell over the 2018 Easter weekend. Those performances will be complemented by a series of concerts in the Windsong Pavilion, which undoubtedly has one of the finest acoustics in Australia and I’m really looking forward to hearing some fabulous chamber music in that wonderful space.

The Festival will start with a free concert for the community on Friday 30 March following a day of free pop-up performances in and around Bermagui. For aspiring young creatives, we will be running a Youth Program over the two days of the Easter Weekend at the Four Winds site, including a creative kid’s tent.

I’m also excited about the inclusion of a short series of alternative music theatre pieces brought together under the title of ‘Sideshow Alley’. Presented as three consecutive performances on Easter Saturday evening in the Windsong Pavilion, these one-hour shows each comprise seven music theatre works performed by nine of the Festival’s guest artists. This is a unique opportunity – not often found in a Festival environment – to experience world class artists expressing their musicianship in a completely different, theatrical way, up close, in a dramatic intimate space. It will be like nothing you have ever seen before! This will be a world where circus meets sideshow, where illusions captivate and automaton-like players spring to life and perform at the drop of a coin…

The Festival will also feature new works, made possible through the support of our wonderful donors and funders such as Creative Partnerships Australia. Two of the works are inspired by literature, Murray Bail’s multi award-winning novel, Eucalyptus, and Walt Whitman’s epic poem, We Two Boys Together Clinging (Leaves of Grass, 1855). Local composer David Hewitt will be working with Stonewave Taiko, the Djaadjawan Dancers and members of the local Yuin Community to present his new work as part of a specially commissioned ‘Welcome to Country’.

I am really looking forward to welcoming you to the Festival which has such a great reputation amongst musicians. They love to play at Four Winds, surrounded by such extraordinary natural beauty and to perform to such appreciative, engaged audiences.

Of course, your whole Festival experience is enhanced by the opportunity to enjoy locally sourced food and wine throughout the Easter Weekend!

Surround yourself with music, brilliance and beauty over the 2018 Easter weekend – I look forward to seeing you there.

With very best wishes

James Crabb
Artistic Director

P.S. You can reserve your tickets from today – 25 September 2017.

All events are individually ticketed to allow Festival goers to build their own festival experience, with the exception of the Saturday and Sunday ‘Sound Shell’ programs, which are each a full day experience.

Early Bird tickets are now on sale. We encourage you to book by Sunday 3 December, 2017 to save 15% on all ticket prices.

CLICK HERE for information on local accommodation.

All events are individually ticketed to allow Festival goers to build their own festival experience, with the exception of the Saturday and Sunday ‘Sound Shell’ programs, which are each a full day experience.

Bookings at Four Winds 2018 Easter Festival or call 2 6493 3414