Four Winds is living up to its name this year. Artistic Director, Paul Dean, renowned Australian clarinettist, has invited many heavy hitters from Australia’s woodwind community to appear at this years Four Winds 2016 Easter Festival.

Sculthorpe Wind Quintet

Following the Welcome to Country, the first piece to be performed on the Sound Shell stage on Easter Saturday will be Dvořák’s Wind Serenade played by nine of Australia’s finest woodwind players and will be an uplifting and joyful start to the Festival Easter weekend program: Artists featured will be Shefali Pryor, oboe, David Reichelt, oboe, Paul Dean, clarinet, Lloyd Van’t Hoff, clarinet, Matthew Wilkie, bassoon, Jenna Schijf, bassoon, Ben Jacks, French horn, and Rachel Silver, French horn. Then throughout the weekend they will be joined by: Rachel Shaw, French horn, Kiran Phatak, flute, Matthew Kneale, bassoon, Emma Sholl, flute, and Lyndon Watts, bassoon.

However, we don’t want you to think that the Four Winds 2016 Easter Festival is just about the wind players! These wonderful musicians will be joined by over 45 other instrumentalists and singers who together will present a captivating program in the Sound Shell, Four Winds’ outdoor natural amphitheatre on Easter Saturday and Sunday. The setting, fabulous food from local suppliers, and a community of people from all across Australia will make your Four Winds 2016 Easter Festival unforgettable.

If you have not yet booked, please mark your calendars and secure your tickets for another stunning Four Winds Festival this Easter.

Investigate the program, read artists biographies, find out about the youth and children’s workshops and book your tickets online by going to (02) 6493 3414 or drop in to the Four Winds office at the Bermagui Community Centre.