Four Winds 2018 Easter Festival | volunteer

By November 26, 2017Easter Festival, News

Dear All,

As well as being extremely excited about the line-up of artists we have coming for the 2018 Easter Festival, I’m equally excited about working with the fabulous team at Four Winds who come together to deliver the Festival, which is made up of many, many Volunteers.

I know from my own experience that Volunteering can be one of the very best ways to experience a Festival, not least because you get a rare glimpse into the back-stage elements of these extraordinary events – as well as getting to enjoy the performances, with a free one-day pass to the Sound Shell.

Volunteer teams are always made up of enthusiastic like-minded people and it’s great to be surrounded with a team of people always working toward everything being the best it can be.

I’m glad to introduce you to some of our Four Winds Volunteers – see some of their profiles below.

I’m also struck by what a great opportunity it is for young people to have some hands-on experience of how a large scale event is managed and delivered. Volunteering is a great addition to anyone’s resume, but for younger people looking to stand out, to have Four Winds on your CV has got to be a good thing! If you know of a young person who might like this opportunity as part of their professional development, please let them know – we’d love to hear from them.

Our wonderful volunteer coordinator Bruce Frost will be really happy to connect with anyone who’d like to Volunteer to be part of the 2018 Easter Festival team. We certainly don’t take our Volunteers for granted and will happily provide a one-day pass to the Sound Shell as a thank you for helping deliver the Festival – as well as invites to special events throughout the year.

If you are interested in Volunteering please register your interest by following the link below and filling in your details.

If Volunteering isn’t going to work for you I hope we will see you at the Festival as an audience member – just a reminder that Early Bird tickets are on sale for a limited time, so guarantee your discount by booking your tickets before 4 December!

If you’ve already booked – thank you – we are really looking forward to seeing you.

Very best wishes

James Crabb
Artistic Director