Musical Conversations – Windsong Series #3

By August 13, 2018News

Jane Gower (bassoon), Lars Ulrik Mortensen (harpsichord), Genevieve Lacey (recorder)

Musical Conversations

One of the great things about attending live music events is experiencing the musical dialogue which unfolds between musicians, and the conversation which emerges between the performers and the audience. It’s a conversation which is often absent of words, but one which is tangible, electric and palpable. How many times have you been to a live performance, in any art form, where people emerge excited about the energy and connection which existed between the performers; where people feel energized by having witnessed and felt part of that energy?

The Windsong Series #3 concert promises to deliver this. The music itself is perfectly composed to enable a conversation between the players, with musical ideas flowing between them in beautiful harmony. Genevieve Lacey (recorder) describes this trio of musicians as ‘kindred spirits’. It is that level of deep connection between musicians which allows them to share a profound musical conversation live on stage, with all the risks which come with that; it is the energy of what is unfolding which thrills and delights audiences.

Genevieve, Jane Gower (bassoon) and Lars Ulrick Mortensen (harpsichord) have worked extensively together in Australia and around the world. This is an extraordinary opportunity to experience musicians who bring a deep connection to their music as well as to one another, coupled with infectious vitality and sheer virtuosity. The warm surroundings and wonderful acoustic of the Windsong Pavilion will also play its part is creating a remarkable experience.

This Sunday afternoon, come and feel part of this musical conversation and leave amazed at what you have experienced.

2018 Windsong Series 3 | Genevieve Lacey, recorder,
Jane Gower, bassoon and Lars Ulrik Mortensen, harpscichord
Sunday 19 August 2018, 1 – 3pm
Windsong Pavilion, Four Winds, Barragga Bay
Tickets $80. 16yrs and under free