Pianist Joyce Yang…

By July 12, 2018News

Four Winds in partnership with Musica Viva presented a recital by Joyce Yang last weekend. In short, it was stunning. Here are some audience responses:

I felt uplifted by the beauty of the music and the feeling that Joyce put into her playing. She connected deeply not only with the music but also with the audience which made the experience so much warmer and inclusive then many other concerts I have attended.

It was regenerative, restorative…a moment in time that offered beauty and hope.

I wasn’t the only person in the audience who became quite emotional at the brilliance of what I was privileged to be looking at and listening to.

It was a truly memorable occasion. As a lover of Chopin her performance resonated. Loved the way she introduced the individual pieces. I think the audience reaction said it all….she will be a hard act to follow, however, I’ll be back for Genevieve Lacey

For more details go to fourwinds.com.au or call 6493 3366.

Joyce is an incredibly generous artist and we were so lucky that she was prepared to give a masterclass to three local young pianists following her recital. Joyce was incredibly insightful, and like all great teachers found a golden nugget of advice to leave with each of the students. Eden Brennan, Hunter Bailey-Watts and Luca Ziino all played wonderfully and brilliantly represented the talent that exists among our young people here on the South Coast.

If we had to share just one piece of advice Joyce gave during the masterclass, it was “Be clear on what you want the audience to hear”. Anyone attending her performance could be in no doubt that she applies this to her own playing which was truly captivating.