Fresh Salt | An Exhibition of Visual Art | 25 October – 4 November 2017

By November 1, 2017News

Tony King

In our hands 2017 Song accompanied by image Approximately 5 min
Both the song and image are titled In our hands and are responses to the Fresh Salt experience.
The themes that Tony King found particularly powerful were the cultural history of the Yuin people who have been respectful custodians of the environment for many thousands of years.
In just a few hundred years, industrial society has placed this sacred place under enormous threat, both culturally and environmentally, from sea level rise to loss of habitat.
Our modern society will be measured by how we respond.

Kris Ralph

Bridge 2017 (Song 4 min)

Knowledge shared
Listening with our hearts Healing the damage
Start with building a bridge.
Impact 2017

Film 5 min
The risk of sea level rise, overpopulation putting stress on our coastal estuaries,
fishing, farming cattle and logging of forests have an impact on the natural environment

Bill Risby and Natalie Risby
Shadow Man 2017 Poem by Natalie Risby recited to music by William Risby 3 min 30 sec
Shadow Man was inspired by the stories of the traditional owners of this land. Earth, man, animals, nature, past and present are one. Banished man refers to the white convicts sent from the other side of the world – two cultures thrust together with tragic results. Climb to the top of the mountain, close your mouth, open your eyes and hearts, and listen.

School of art Gallery
Tuesday-Friday 10.30AM-5.00PM
Saturday 12.00-5.00PM
Closed Sunday and Public Holidays

A collaboration between visual artists, musicians, composers, choreographers and creative writers inspired by the estuaries of the NSW Far South Coast – Yuin Country – where fresh and salt water mix.

As the waters mingle so do the artists, stories, data, history and ideas in response to the place – between the sacred mountains of Gulaga and Mumbulla.

The result is a catalogued exhibition of visual art and a premier performance of original music compositions.

Four Winds’s Bermagui Project is a cultural conversation between Aboriginal elders, scientists, historians, farmers, council workers, local community and artists.

Fresh Salt aims to raise community awareness about the ecological and cultural significance of the estuaries of the NSW Far South Coast – Yuin Country through the power of art.

Its fresh and you can feel the salt.

Download the Fresh Salt Catalogue

Adam Millar Beachcombing Best Finds
Caitlin Brown Under Story. A tale from a forest floor
Carolyn Young Yellow-Bellied Glider (Petauras australis) Study
Chandelle Gogerly Cuttagee 001
Gilda McKechnie Looking through a coastal Banksia at Camel Rock, Beauty Point
Helen Morris Diamond Python
Pauline Balos Common Silk Pod
Peter Cotton Midden – Wallaga Lake
Robyn Williams Spotted Gums (Corymbia maculata)
Sharon Field Understory,
Veronica O’Leary Head of Cuttagee Rd
Justina Legoe Samphire (Glasswort)
Gloria Florez MADRE-TIERRA
James Lynn The treasure you seek, shall not be the treasure you nd
Lyndell Jenkins Weaving
Paul Jackson The Ballad of Jimmy Crook
Cheryl Davison Gadu
David Gallan flow
Lee Cruse A Healthy River
Delia Silvan and Lee Pemberton A cult of forgetfulness #2
Lee Pemberton and Paul Hopper A cult of forgetfulness #1
Sky Etherington lookin at country
Victoria Nelson Corymbia maculata seed
David Hewitt Artefact
Trevor King Horizons
John Reid Nutleys Creek, Bermagui River Catchment

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